Poster # P-232 Effectiveness and Safety of OculusGen Collagen Matrix Implanted in Glaucoma Patients During Filtering Surgery

Presenter: Yuan, Fei

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The IOP was lower than 21mmHg in all the grafted patients (100%)and in 14 of thirty ungrafted patients (46.7%) .The difference was statistically significant(p<0.01). The mean best corrected visual of grafted patients was 0.6 and of ungrafted group was 0.5 (difference statistically not significant). Complications,such as hypotony and flat anterior chamber occurred in ungrafted group more than in grafted group. The bleb blood vessel and size significantly changed in grafted group.The animal study shows that grafting with CG copolymer matrix resulted in inhibition of wound contraction and the formation of a tissue that resembled normal conjunctival stroma, being composed of a loose network of collagen fibers and fibroblasts.

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