Poster # P-10 Intraoperative Pupil Size and Capsulorhexis Quality

Presenter: Barnes, J. Kate

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10 consecutive capsulorhexis were performed each by 4 trainee surgeons of the same grade using standard formed cystotomes and utrata style capsulorhexis forceps. Prior to executing each capsulorhexis, an estimate of the dilated pupil diameter was made by the trainee surgeons. Endeavor was made to complete a circular capsulorhexis of 5mm in diameter. A novel anterior chamber ruler invented by us for this study was used to measure the pupil and capsulorhexis diameter in the 2 principle meridians within the anterior chamber, following completion of the capsulorhexis. Video caption technology was used during surgery to obtain images of the newly formed capsulorhexis. These were analysed by an independent third party to determine the degree of circularity by using a predetermined scoring system. The surgeons also completed a questionnaire on the usability of our anterior chamber ruler.

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