Poster # P-160 Effect of Refresh Liquigel and Systane on Dry-Eye Symptoms: Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial

Presenter: Lau, Alex

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Comparing the 20 subjects (57.1%) in RL with the 15 (42.9%) in the SYS group before commencement of treatment, there was no difference in age (p=0.445), gender (p=0.567), TS (p=0.626) or OS (p=0.582), VRF (p=0.312) and ET (p=0.545) subscale scores. At 3 months, the RL group showed significant improvements in TS (p<0.001) compared to baseline; the SYS group demonstrated improvement in the TS (p=0.001) as well as OS (p<0.001) subscale scores. There was no significant difference in OSDI TS (p=0.579) or OS (p=0.334), VRF (p=0.101) and ET (p=0.373) subscale scores between the 2 treatment groups after 3 months.

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