Abstract # P-316 Role of Fellowship Training in Developing Comprehensive Clinical and Surgical Management of Refractive Patients

Shah, Chirag
Calgary, AB, Canada

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About the Presenter:
Dr. Shah completed his medical schooling and residency training at Gujurat University in India. Dr. Shah honed his surgical proficiency through performing hundreds of cataract, glaucoma, oculoplastic, strabismus and retinal intraocular procedures before he put his excellent credentials, medical acumen and outstanding patient care to use at Gimbel Eye Centre Fellowship Training.
Subsequent to completing a successful refractive surgery fellowship at Gimbel Eye Center involving hundreds of refractive surgeries (PRK, LASIK, Intralase LASIK), a number of significant research projects and studies, Dr. Shah joined Gimbel Eye Centre as a staff physician.
Dr. Shah balances the demands of his professional pursuits with personal satisfaction by enjoying skiing, skating, hiking and traveling.

Shah, Chirag; van Westenbrugge, John A.; Kassab, Jacinthe; Gimbel, Howard V.

Gimbel Eye Centre
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Role Of Fellowship Training:

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