Abstract # P-277 Incidence of Dry Eye After Wavefront-Guided, Superior-Hinged, Thin-Flap LASIK

Jalali, Shawn
Beverly Hills, CA, USA

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About the Presenter:
Shahrokh Jalali, M.D
Cornea and refractive surgery fellow
Boxer Wachler Vision Institute
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
E-mail: Sjalali2006@yahoo.com
Phone: 310 422 4383

Shahrokh Jalali graduated from Ludwig Maximilian University School of Medicine in Munich Germany in 1994. After his graduation, he was accepted for a Postdoctoral research Fellowship at Yale University. He finished his residency in ophthalmology at Dr. Hoffmann Eye Institute in Germany and is currently completing a fellowship in Cornea and refractive surgery at Boxer Wachler Vision Institute in Beverly Hills, California.

Contact the presenter at:
Jalali, Shawn; Boxer Wachler, Brian S.

Boxer Wachler Vision Institute

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