Abstract # P-227 Recognition and Importance of Conjunctival Lymphatics

Singh, Daljit
'Amritsar, PB', India

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About the Presenter:
Practising ophthalmology since 1957.

Researching lymphatics since 2000.

Glaucoma interest:

Pretrabecular filtration (OSUK 1978), Transciliary filtration (OSUK 1979), Microtrephine (ICO 1986), Transciliary Filtration with Fugo blade (ACES 2001), Clear Cornea Filtration Track with Fugo blade (2006).

First user of Fugo Blade (1999). Used it to develope:

a. Bloodless strbismus surgery.
b. A new ptosis surgery- Sutureless conjunctival approach for Levator Plication.
c.Capsulotomy,pupilloplasty and membranectomy.
d.Opening a punctum and clearing canaliculus scar.
e.Bloodless cutting of fibrovascular vitreo-retinal bands.
f.Performing glaucoma surgery.

Founder President of Indian Indian Implant & refractive Society (1982).

Started IOL implantation in India in1976,
Implanting Iris claw lens (now artisan) since 1979.
Implanted first phakic iris claw lens for hyperopia in 1987.

Laser refractive surgery: Doing PRK for high myopia since 1991.


Implanting Singh-Worst design since 1979.
Developed "Paralimbal Scleral Window" keratoprosthesis surgery in 1981.

Singh, Daljit S.

Daljit Singh Eye Hospital
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The recognition and importance of conjunctival lymphatics:

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