Abstract # P-172 Corneal First Surface Wavefront Aberrations Before and After Pterygium Surgery

Pesudovs, Konrad
Bedford Park, SA, Australia

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About the Presenter:
Associate Professor Pesudovs is Deputy Director of the NHMRC Centre for Clinical Eye Research in the Flinders Medical Centre at Flinders University, Adelaide. His main research interest is ophthalmology outcomes research; incorporating optical, visual and patient-centred measurement into the holistic measurement of outcomes in ophthalmology. A key element of this is the development of patient-centred measures including visual disability, quality of life and other latent traits using Rasch analysis. Instruments for the measurement of visual disability in cataract, and quality of life in refractive correction have been developed and instruments for quality of life in keratoconus and corneal transplantation, low vision care, patient satisfaction and pain measurement are under development. Also in development is an item bank for visual disability measurement in ophthalmology.

Konrad’s other key area of research is in the optics of the eye and visual performance. Current research includes evaluating optical quality metrics derived from Shack-Hartman wavefront sensing to optimise the relationship with various measures of visual performance. A/Prof Pesudovs is also interested in developing new optical instruments, tests of visual performance and potential vision tests.

He obtained his Bachelors degree at The University of Melbourne, his PhD in the Department of Ophthalmology at Flinders University and did post-doctoral studies were at the University of Houston and the University of Bradford.
Contact the presenter at:
Pesudovs, Konrad; Figueiredo, Francisco C.

Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University
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